Tech-Savvy Gifts for Father’s Day



Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for Dad. If your dad is like most dads, he probably has more socks, ties, and “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs than he knows what to do with. This year, why not get the Dad in your life the gift of technology?


Here are some great gifts for the tech-savvy Dad in your life:




Nest Thermostat


Nest is a “smart thermostat.” Nest is programmable and, over time, learns your schedule and temperature preferences and then adjusts the temperature of your home accordingly. Nest users often save up to 20% on their home heating and cooling bills by using the product.




Basis Carbon Steel Edition


Fitness-tracking wearables and smartwatches are all the rage, and Basis makes one of the best. Basis Carbon tracks your activity, sleep, and stress levels. You can also install apps to make Basis even better.



EGO POWER+ Hedge Trimmer


The 56-volt EGO POWER+ cordless hedge trimmer is the most powerful of its kind. Trimming hedges will be easy for your dad, and he won’t have to deal with the hassle of a cord or the mess of a gas engine.






Cleaning the grill is a huge hassle. Wouldn’t it be better if someone else could do it? Like a robot, maybe? Grillbot is the Roomba of the grill. When Dad is done cooking, set  the Grillbot on the grill, push the button and let the Grillbot clean the grill, saving your dad valuable time that he can use to eat another hamburger.



Modern Sprout Plug-In Planter


The Modern Sprout Plug-In Planter looks like an old-timey wooden flower box. Inside its beautiful re-claimed wooden confines, however, lives a high-tech hydroponic system that will keep plants watered and fed with almost no work on Dad’s part.



PicoBrew Zymatic


Homebrewing has exploded in popularity in the last few years, and it’s time to get dad in on the action. PicoBrew (currently available for pre-order) is an advanced homebrewing solution that lets dad brew his own, craft-quality beer with just the click of a mouse.





Nike Golf Sleeves


High tech doesn’t always mean digital. Nike’s Golf Sleeves feature the latest in textile technology, moisture-wicking and compression technology to help dad up his golf game by keeping his arms cool and his muscles strong while he golfs.



AeroPress Coffee Maker


It may seem strange but the best coffeemaker on the market is made by toy manufacturer, Aerobie. Aerobie’s Aeropress brews smooth, rich coffee faster than a French Press and without the small grounds that always seem to make their way through a French Press’s filter.



Kindle Paperwhite


If your dad loves to read, Kindle Paperwhite is for him. Kindle Paperwhite is light, its battery can go for a very long time without a charge, and it has one of the best-looking screens of any e-reader on the market.




iPad Air


The iPad is the gold standard of tablets. Dad can read the Wall Street Journal, check the weather, watch “Mad Men,” and even plan out his lawn, all on one device.