Local Plants for Local Pride: How to Choose Plants for Your Garden


It probably comes as no surprise that different plants grow better in different growing conditions. The local plants that grow in many different parts of the country are symbols of pride for those regions. By growing plants native to your region, you show the world the unique character of where you live.


Here is general information about each climate and a region-specific plant that will thrive in your garden no matter which region you live in.


  • Northeast/Midwest. The weather in the northern and northeastern United States tends towards cold winters and mild to warm summers. Rainfall is moderate. Choose annual flowers like marigolds that flower in the spring and early summer to take advantage of the changing seasons. These flowers will also add a beautiful gold color that contrasts well with the greens of your other plants.
  • Southeast. The southeastern U.S. is warm all year and rainy. Many types of fruit-bearing trees do well in warm, wet climates like the Southeast. Plant peaches or oranges that will beautify your property and provide delicious free fruit. Peaches and oranges are also symbols of local pride for many in the Southeast.
  • Mountains. The mountains are cooler and drier than other regions of the country due to their altitude. Hardy flowers like the pasque flower grow well in this climate. Pasque flowers and other regional wildflowers show that your garden is just as tough as the region it was planted in.
  • Southwest. The Southwest is the opposite of the Northeast in that it’s hot and dry. Try plants that need less water, like flowering cactuses or other succulents. The dessert can be gorgeous and flowering cactuses add that touch of dessert beauty to your garden.
  • Northwest. The Northwest is rainy and the temperature is mild year-round. This makes the environment perfectly suited for perennial flowers like Peruvian lilies. The Northwest is one of the few regions of the country where flowers will bloom year-round. Take advantage of the climate and make your garden a Technicolor wonderland.