Turn Your Tablet Into Your Ultimate Lawn Care Buddy: 10 Great Lawn and Garden Apps


The holidays are over and as far as gadgets go, you made out like a bandit. If you got a smartphone or a tablet, you have probably had time to figure out the basics, and now you want to deck your gadget out with all of the coolest apps. For lawn and garden enthusiasts, sorting through the hundreds of landscaping and gardening apps available can be a monumental task. How can you tell if a lawn care app is worth the cash and download time? We looked over some of the most popular lawn and garden apps, and created a list of ten that you should take a look at:



1. Eden Garden Designer $1.99

“Eden Garden Designer” looks a little like a video game, and its tagline, “lets you build and share virtual gardens,” makes it sound like something teenagers would play on Facebook, but the app can be used as a surprisingly in-depth lawn and garden planner if you enter the parameters of your own yard as your “virtual” garden.



2. Garden Tracker $1.99

“Garden Tracker” lets you plan out your various gardens and includes calendar and reminder functionality that allows you to schedule important gardening events including watering and harvest times. The app uses a visual grid that allows you to easily track what you have planted.



3. Gardening by Jeff Hale $0.99 

“Gardening by Jeff Hale” features a database of popular plants that includes instructions on how to care for them. It also includes a journaling feature that allows you to keep track of your garden and lawn.



4. Into Gardens Free (Sort of)

“Into Gardens” is the first gardening magazine designed specifically for use on the iPad. The first “episode” is free, though there are fees for subsequent episodes. “Into Gardens” is a hybrid of app features and magazine features to help you get your garden going.


5. iScape $9.99

“iScape” lets you landscape your yard on your iPad or other tablet. With iScape you can upload real photos of your yard and garden and draw out your plans,  rearrange lawn elements, or even virtually re-sod your yard. “iScape” is a little pricey, but it is well worth the investment.



6. Landscaper’s Companion $4.99

“Landscaper’s Companion” is an indispensable digital tool that includes one of the most comprehensive plant guides on the market. Each page in the guide features information on plants, including how much water and sunlight they require.



7. Leafsnap Free

“Leafsnap” is a free field guide to various plants with a great pedigree- it was developed by the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution. This guide can help you identify various plants that may pop up in your yard. Plus, did we mention it’s FREE!



8. Organic Gardening Magazine Free (Sort of)

 “Organic Gardening Magazine” is a digital version of the popular print magazine “Organic Gardening.” The magazine content focuses on great gardening tips and how-tos that are also environmentally friendly for their eco-inclined readers. Like other “free” magazine apps, you have to pay for the individual editions of the magazine each month.




9. Sprout It Free

“Sprout It” is a free gardening app that lets you plan out your garden on your tablet or mobile phone. “Sprout It” differentiates itself from the gardening app pack with a few unique features including its “Taste Garden” feature. “Taste Garden” allows you to plan our gardens that grow the ingredients for your favorite recipes. For instance, if you love salsa, you can grow a salsa garden that includes tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos.



10. Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Free

Okay, so "Plants vs. Zombies 2" isn’t REALLY a gardening or lawn care app, but it is a great game that involves plants, and after a tough day mowing your lawn, putting down sod, or planting a garden, it’s a great way to blow off some steam. Plus, it’s free!