Don’t Let the Bough Break! Remove Heavy Snow From Tree Branches


If you live in a colder region, you probably have certain things you do every time it snows. For most, post-storm procedures probably look something like this:


  • Shovel (or use a snow blower on) driveway
  • Shovel (or use a snow blower on) sidewalks
  • Put salt down on icy driveway
  • Put salt down on icy sidewalk
  • Throw some extra logs into the fireplace
  • Enjoy a mug of hot chocolate whilst sitting under 18 blankets near said fireplace


Now, all of that is great. It is vitally important in wintertime to remove snow and ice from the paved areas near your home in order to prevent accidents. However, before you get to the mug of hot chocolate phase of your winter storm plans, please consider a few more steps:

  • Walk around your yard, checking the trees on your grounds
  • If snowfall was excessive, make sure that snow is removed from branches. This very important as branches with too much snowand ice on them WILL break damaging the tree. This can be done with a broom, or if the tree is short enough, your hands. Make sure to use gentle upward strokesyou do not want to accidentally damage the branch you are trying to save. If the snow has already frozen to the branches and cannot be removed via gentle brushing, then it is best to leave it there, and let it melt. Even if you think it might damage the branches.


Now that you have walked your grounds, and perhaps saved some trees, please feel free to return to the comforts of your home, safe in the knowledge that you have preserved the beauty and majesty of the trees that occupy your lawn. Kick off your boots, get under those blankets, and down as much cocoa as you think you can stand.